This Integrate - porcelain sculpture made for Gethsemane altar at Bath Abbey, for the show "Hospitality









On show at Newark Park, Glos (National Trust) with The Open West 2013 


Submergence i, ii & iii - group of 3 porcelain sculptures made for the diving board/ swimming pool at Quenington Sculpture Trust, for "Fresh Air 2013






 Link to short film of Submergence installation


Collaborative installation Baroque n roll with Tracy Acton-Peters, graphic/ print designer for Transitory, solo show, June 2013

Link to film of installation





Transitoryclay wall drawing 

The name refers to the temporal, transient nature of the piece which is present for a few weeks, for the duration of the exhibition. The wet, runny slip & soft clay was applied to the wall a mark at a time, with large gestural movements, then smaller flourishes were added to build a piece of many fragments. This reflects the way in which the three dimensional sculptures are constructed.

Link to stop frame film