Frames of Reference Artists Bursary, July - December 2018 - part of Kings Gate public art project in conjunction with Ginkgo Projects & Bloor Homes to create work inspired by the landscape & heritage of Amesbury. New body of work created alongside artist development via mentoring & printmaking. Research took place at historic Amesbury Abbey, by kind permission as it is a residential care home. Themes explored included Corinthian columns, a fine plaster ceiling, the Chinese tea house in the grounds, unique pink algae affecting submerged flint, springs, layers of history, earth. 






Corona Cones: white & cobalt, 2017 - works made as a product of an architectural collaboration with ECAlab for the Ceramica exhibition at RIBA North on Liverpool's iconic waterfront from October 2017 - Feb 2018. Ceramicists were selected to work with a mould for a diffusing cone designed to distribute daylight efficiently through a space, minimising the need for fossil fuel burning artificial light. 

Link to film of presentation can be viewed by clicking here 







This Integrate, 2013 - porcelain sculpture made for Gethsemane altar at Bath Abbey, for the show "Hospitality






Submergence i, ii & iii, 2013 - group of 3 porcelain sculptures made for the diving board/ swimming pool at Quenington Sculpture Trust, for "Fresh Air 2013




Collaborative installation Baroque n roll with Tracy Acton-Peters, graphic/ print designer for Transitory, solo show, June 2013

Link to film of installation




Transitory, 2012clay wall drawing 

The name refers to the temporal, transient nature of the piece which is present for a few weeks, for the duration of the exhibition. The wet, runny slip & soft clay was applied to the wall a mark at a time, with large gestural movements, then smaller flourishes were added to build a piece of many fragments. This reflects the way in which the three dimensional sculptures are constructed.

Link to stop frame film